Bratianu Real Estate decided to restructure one of the emblematic historical buildings in downtown Timisoara.

In September 2015 a complete restructuring of real estate located in Piata Ionel I.C Bratianu has been completed.

Now offering for rent office class A +.

The advantages offered by the business center Bratianu Real Estate are:

  • Purpose building exclusively for offices
  • Brand new restructured building with very high quality level
  • Possibility to choose from different compartmenting space from 23 sqm to 250 sqm
  • Central area next to Timis tribunal


The Business Center, located in Piata Ionel IC Bratianu n.1, has a height regime of D + P + 2E + M.

It offers 22 offices with various compartmenting and size where you can find both historical elements and contemporary elements harmoniously combined.

Every office has at least one bathroom.


The services provided in the building are:

  • Access for disabled
  • Administration and property management
  • View logo on the building
  • Separated heating meter
  • Cleaning common areas
  • Maintenance of common spaces
  • Snow removal in winter
  • Fully accessible floors with elevator
  • Video surveillance of the building 24h / 7
  • Security services during the night

All offices are offered with the following services:

  • Air conditioning
  • Optical fiber for internet and fixed telephone
  • Smoke detectors
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Motion detectors
  • Burglar alarm system
  • Videointerfon



Bratianu Real Estate Business Center is located in downtown Timisoara, at a distance of 100 meters from the Cardinal Points.

The building is located a few minutes from the most famous landmarks in Timisoara:

  • Union Square – it is in the center of Timisoara, inside the walls of the former fortress and is the oldest square in the city, built in Baroque style.
  • Liberty Square – Liberty Square is one of the oldest squares in Timisoara. The most important public transportation pass from this square connecting all neighborhoods located in the four cardinal point of Timis.
  • Civic Center – (Metropolitan Cathedral, Romanian Opera, Piata Victoriei). Victoriei Square is Central Square of Timisoara. At the two side of the square you find the Opera House on the north and to south the Metropolitan Cathedral. Victory Square is surrounded by historical twentieth century style buildings.
  • Timis Court – is a public authority of the judiciary system having territorial jurisdiction in the Timis area, encompassing his constituency courts Timisoara, Lugoj, Deta, Sannicolau Mare and Făget. It is included in the Timisoara Court of Appeals district.
  • Botanic Park Timisoara – Forefront of the Botanical Garden was developed in 1966 by the architect Silvia Grumeza. Between 1986 – 1990 they were planted in the park 1.650 plant species, phytogeographical and esthetical criteria. Dendrologic park has an area of about 9 ha and contains a variety of tree species.


Business Center Bratianu Real Estate is on the list of historical monuments as one of most important building of Timisoara.

It was built in the early part of the nineteenth century and was inaugurated on October 27, 1839. In September 2015 was completed the fully restoration of the building with the use of innovative structures and flexible and technological infrastructure.

The building also know as “Iron Axis House” has incorporated in south-east corner a 2.5 m in length iron axis from the eighteenth century. The legend says that is the axle from the chariot fight wherewith Eugene of Savoy came in 1716 in Timisoara and conquered the Turks.

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